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THE I Am PC Proud Campaign

supporting the Paine College Annual fund


A Message from the Paine College National Alumni Association

"I am PC Proud and I value my Paine College degree like a share of stock. Giving back with my money and my time helps support the next generation of students and alumni. When I give back to Paine College, I support research, scholarships, and new facilities, among other things. My gift helps increase the stature of the College, making it a better place."

We invite you to join the I Am PC Proud Club.  We are alumni who have made a conscious decision to contribute to the College on a monthly basis. We realize that our gift, no matter how large or small, makes a difference in the lives of current and future students. Paine College made if possible for us to enjoy a share of the American Dream.  My monthly gift is a small way we pay it forward.

For your convience, you can make your contribution via the PCNAA Website and we will forward your contribution, minus the PayPal convenience fee, and your contact information to the College each month on your behalf (make sure your up-to-date contact information is included in the PCNAA online database).  Simply decide on the amount of your monthly gift. No amount is too small.  When making your donation, please include the PayPal convience fee.  You can determine the fee by clicking the PayPal Fee Calculator link below.  You will be directed to a calculator which will help you to compute the amount of your gift inclusive of the convience fee charged by PayPal.  

Thank you for joining the P.C. Proud Club and supporting our alma mater, Paine College.  

Example:   If you wish to contribute $100 to Paine College.  You will need to donate $103.30.  PayPal will assess a fee of $3.30 which they deduct from your donation. 


Click Here for PayPal Fee Calculator 


Sample Giving Chart

Amount You Want to Donate                   Amount You Need To Submit                    PayPal Processing Fee

$    5.00                                                   $    5.46                                                     $   .46
$  10.00                                                   $  10.61                                                     $   .61
$  25.00                                                   $  26.06                                                     $  1.06
$  50.00                                                   $  51.80                                                     $  1.80
$  75.00                                                   $  77.55                                                     $  2.55
$100.00                                                   $103.30                                                     $  3.30
$125.00                                                   $129.04                                                     $  4.04
$150.00                                                   $154.79                                                     $  4.79
$175.00                                                   $180.54                                                     $  5.54
$200.00                                                   $206.28                                                     $  6.28


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